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We are distributors of innovative water treatment products for the Indian market for the past decade.

Introducing the concept of the pre-fabricated spas & pools to India, the latest introduction is Riviera Pool (Germany) range of elite prefabricated pools & portable spas, for the discerning client, for top-of-the-range products. Their manufacturing activities began in 1964 and they have been making pools & spas since 1970.

Riviera Pool - Germany, have been the world leaders in manufacturing Vinyl-ester fiber-glass pools, with a great reputation in the market, and known for good quality, reliability, punctuality and continual innovations in design.
www.pools.de (click to open)

We are also distributors of M/s. Waterco (Australia) for their Swimming Pool Equipment. Accessories & domestic & commercial water filtration & purification range. Waterco is Australia's leading front runner Company in the commercial pool equipment range. The range of products including filters, underwater lights, pumps, pool equipment & state-of- the-art domestic water treatment equipment for domestic purposes ranging from applications of a small apartment, to a bungalow, a society to, a large complex.
www.waterco.com (click to open)

We are Sole-Distributors of M/s. Clearwater Enviro Technologies Inc. (USA), for their revolutionary Pool Ionization System, which drastically reduces the use of chlorine & other chemicals in a swimming pool. This system utilizes nature's best known disinfectants, i.e., copper & silver for purification of water. Copper ions kill off all algae & bio film & silver ions kill off bacteria & viruses, rendering other forms of disinfectants such as chlorine to be negligized. Chlorine is a hazardous & toxic substance. There is a worldwide movement to ban the use of chlorine in private & public pools & the Ionization system is one of the front runners in the alternative sanitizer scenario. We have already installed several systems in India.
www.clearwaterpoolsystems.com (click to open)

This company is also into manufacture of de-scaling systems (non-chemical) for pipelines, boilers, HVAC equipment etc.

We also distribute Pool Ozonation System s of M/s. Prozone (USA) for their corona discharge and high ultraviolet ozone systems. As a diversified product range, Prozone also manufactures Air Ozonation systems.
www.prozoneint.com (click to open)