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Evergreen' in our title denotes our aim for Implementing Enviro - Friendly solutions in the field of water purification for domestic & industrial purposes.

Our Expertise:

  • Distribution of Swimming Pool & Spa Equipment.
  • Turnkey Construction including Rehabilitation / Re-construction of old Pools & Systems.
  • MEP Installation Specialists.
  • Consultancy on water management.
  • Personalized after sales service.

We are Sole-Distributors of:
Riviera Pool (Germany) range of elite prefabricated pools & portable spas, for the discerning client, for top-of-the-range products.

Waterco (Australia's leading front runner Company) for their Swimming Pool Equipment. Accessories & domestic & commercial water filtration & purification range.

Pool Ionization System of M/s. Clearwater Enviro Technologies Inc. (USA), for their revolutionary, which drastically reduces the use of chlorine & other chemicals in a swimming pool.

Pool Ozonation System s of M/s. Prozone (USA) for their corona discharge and high ultraviolet ozone systems. , Prozone also manufactures Air Ozonation systems.